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For over 50 years we have been organising traditional Swiss events to preserve and promote the Swiss heritage & friendship.



Over fifty years ago, in 1966 a few Swiss Citizens came together to found the Swiss Club of South Australia at a historic site on Greenhill Road, at the Tiffins on the Park. The Swiss Club’s mission was to preserve and promote the Swiss heritage and friendship, as well encourage the goodwill between the members. In the early years, the Club supported the new arrivals by welcoming them at the Airport and helping them to settle down in Adelaide. 

1981 a constitution was set up and the Swiss Club became incorporated. 

In 1983, the “Swiss Affairs” was organised at the Centennial hall (Adelaide Showgrounds) with the aim to promote the multicultural diversity of Switzerland and its traditions to the wider public within Adelaide / South Australia. 

Over all these years the club organised a variety of events, get togethers for members and friends to celebrate the Swiss traditions.

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about us

The Swiss Club of SA was founded in 1966 and there are now over 1000 Swiss Australians in South Australia. We organise many events throughout the year like a big Fondue Night, the National Day Celebration and a 'Samichlaus-Picknick'.

Who we are:

  • (Recent) migrants from Switzerland

  • The children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Swiss migrants

  • People who are interested in Swiss food, culture, and tradition!

Our Club Members include families of all ages, couples and singles - all are welcome to join us.

What we do:

  • Eat, drink, and laugh together

  • Share and learn about Swiss cuisine, culture, travel, literature, history, language, traditions, sports...Hop Schweiz!

  • Promote respect for and understanding of Swiss heritage through our participation in community events

  • Give back to the Adelaide community through charitable outreach programs

Whether it's eating lots of cheese at Fondue night, learning the art of Schlangabrot in the Kuitpo Forest, attending a Swiss Film screening, getting excited about the Samichlaus, helping out with the Swiss Radio.... there's always something fun going on.

Where we do it:

  • At our Austrian Friends' Clubhouse (Australian Club of South Australia - Ovingham)

  • At local South Australian parks

  • At community events

While we don't have an official Clubhouse, our friends at the Austrian Club partner with us to host many of our functions there. Many of our activities take us out into the community - sometimes to learn, sometimes to teach and reach out.

Why we do it:

  • To pass on our Swiss heritage to younger generations of Swiss-Australians

  • To promote understanding of Swiss culture and the contributions of Swiss-Australians within the South Australian community

  • Because it's just a whole lot of fun!

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